Outcome of UN Women Election

This morning’s election for the new UN Women executive board was watched closely by governments and human rights organizations concerned with the candidacies of Iran (as part of the Asian regional group) and Saudi Arabia (as a top developing country contributor).

UPDATE: Iran was denied a seat, receiving only 19 votes among the Asian group of states elected. Philippines received one vote, but had formally withdrawn before the vote. Saudi Arabia was seated in 1 of the two developing countries contributor seats, along with Mexico, as part of a clean slate.

The executive board consists of 41 members, chosen from the five UN regional groups and top contributors to the new entity. The African and Western European & Others regional groups offered a clean slates and all of their nominees were elected without objection.  Clean slates were also put forward for the 4 seats reserved for top contributors (Norway, United Kingdom, United States, and Spain) and the 2 seats for top developing country contributors (Saudi Arabia and Mexico).  These six contributors were also seated without objection from ECOSOC members, including Saudi Arabia. Contested slates were offered from the Asian, East European and Latin American & Caribbean regional groups.

Preliminary Results:

Regional Group Candidate Vote Count Term
African Angola 3 years
Cape Verde 3
Congo 3
Côte d’Ivoire 2
Democratic Republic of the Congo 2
Ethiopia 3
Lesotho 2
Libya 2
Nigeria 3
Tanzania 2
Asian Bangladesh 54 2 years
China 53 3
Indonesia 53 3
Japan 53 3
Korea, Republic of 53 3
India 52 2
Kazahkstan 52 3
Malaysia 52 2
Pakistan 50 2
Timor-Leste 36 2
Iran 19 Not elected
Philippines 1 Not elected
East European Russia 46 2 years
Ukraine 43 3
Estonia 42 2
Hungary 38 3
Albania 35 Not elected
Armenia 1 Not elected
GRULAC Brazil 48 2 years
Argentina 47 2
Peru 47 3
Dominican Republic 44 3
El Salvador 40 2
Grenada 39 3
Chile 1 Not elected
WEOG Denmark 3 years
France 2
Italy 2
Luxembourg 3
Sweden 3
Top Contributors Norway 3 years
Spain 3
United Kingdom 3
United States 3
Top Developing Country Contributors Mexico 3 years
Saudi Arabia 3

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