PBC Elections finally underway

ECOSOC is finally getting around to electing its portion of the Peacebuilding Commission‘s organizational committee. Seven countries will be elected from the body’s membership tomorrow afternoon. One will be chosen from each of the five regional groups, with the remaining two chosen from among African states, for 2-year terms running until 31 December 2012.

The Security Council has yet to elect its two members, although an official with the mission of Gabon confirmed with Global Memo back in October that his government was seeking to continue for a second year. The remaining elected seat, being vacated by Mexico, will end up going to either Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Colombia, Lebanon or Portugal.

The top ten troop contributors, in order based on the average monthly contributions in the previous three calendar years (2007-2009), are Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Nepal, Jordan, Ghana, Italy, Uruguay, and Rwanda. The top five are the current members of the PBC on this leg, and could be asked to continue.

Likewise, the top contributor states show little difference from the Secretary-General’s reporting in 2006. Norway and Sweden may again swap out, with Netherlands, Germany, Canada and Japan staying on for another round. No other countries provide the same levels of funding as they do, other than the U.S. or the United Kingdom, who will be on the PBC as permanent members of the Security Council.

Five remaining members will be elected by the General Assembly. That was originally scheduled to take place this past Monday, but was postponed pending the Security Council and ECOSOC’s elections. A new date hasn’t been set yet. The GA had planned to recess today, 14 December, but will work through at least 21 December. We can expect its PBC election to take place early next week before it recesses.

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