Rachad Farah’s UNESCO candidacy gains support

Rachad Farah, Djibouti's nominee for UNESCO DG
Rachad Farah, Djibouti’s nominee for UNESCO DG

Rachad Farah has had some important endorsements:

Were all the nations belonging to the African Union and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to vote as a block then Farah would be a favorite for the election. However, in past elections for the UNESCO Director General countries have not always followed the endorsements of their regional bodies.
The rules used for the election of the Director General in 2009 were relatively complex. I understand they are being reviewed and will possibly be modified for the election this year.

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John Daly

John Daly is the former director of the USAID Office of Research and instructor at George Washington University on UNESCO. His professional background is in promoting the capacity for science and technology in developing nations, especially the applications of information and communications technology. He served as the acting Work Program Administrator of infoDev, and has been a consultant with the RAND Corporation, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, and on the Research and Training Network of the Development Gateway. He served as Vice President of Americans for UNESCO from 2005-2012.

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