ECOSOC elections on Monday

On Monday, 25 October, the UN General Assembly will elect eighteen states to three-year terms on the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), one of the six principal organs of the United Nations. Those elected will take office at the beginning of 2011, serving until 31 December 2013.

Monday’s elections will fill fours seats each from the African, Asian and Western European and Others groups, and three each from the Eastern Europe and Latin America & the Caribbean.To be elected, candidates must receive the largest vote tallies that constitute at least a two-thirds majority, or approximately 128 votes depending on the number of participating states.

For more information on ECOSOC membership and the candidates in Monday’s election, visit

UPDATE: Spain (with 162 votes) and Switzerland (160) were elected in by-elections to assume vacated seats by Turkey and Leichtenstein within the WEOG regional group for a 1-year term. In regular elections, the following states were elected:

Regional Group Elected (# of votes)
Africa Cameroon (183), Gabon (185), Malawi (184), Senegal (187)
Asia China (150), Pakistan (149), Qatar (145), Republic of Korea (150)
East Europe Hungary (175), Latvia (155), Russia (182)
GRULAC Ecuador (182), Mexico (184), Nicaragua (180)
WEOG Australia (171), Finland (177), Norway (177), United Kingdom (170)

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