Support for Ban’s re-election

Update: Ban Ki-moon was formally re-nominated by the Security Council for a second five-year term on Friday, 16 June.

Though Ban Ki-Moon may not be taking it for granted, his election to a second term is virtually assured. His announcement yesterday followed intense campaigning over the last several months to secure the support of the five permanent members, any one of which could veto his re-nomination in the Council.

Now, other governments are expressing their support for his re-election. Below is a tally sheet that will be updated with official statements or media reports of endorsements.

Security Council Members
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brazil “Brazilian diplomats said late Thursday the country would support Ban’s re-election bid.” (media link)
China “China applauds his efforts, supports his re-election and hopes that he will win extensive support from around the world.” (official statement)
France “I have just learned that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has submitted his candidacy for reelection. …Mr. Ban Ki-moon has France’s full support.” – Foreign Minister Alain Juppé, June 6 (official statement)
India “The Asian Group at the UN met in New York on 6th June 2011 and endorsed by acclamation the candidature of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon for a second term. India’s Acting Permanent Representative, Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri, was present at the meeting and conveyed India’s support in the matter.” – Vishnu Prakash, Spokesperson for Ministry of External Affairs, June 6 (official statement)
Nigeria “The Federal Government of Nigeria will support UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon for a second term, the Nigeria Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Bukun-Ölu Onemola, has said.” (media link)
Russia “We will be ready to support Ban Ki-moon’s candidacy for re-election to a second term,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich told a news briefing. (media link)
South Africa
United Kingdom “I am glad to support Ban Ki-moon in his candidacy for a second term as Secretary General of the United Nations.” – Prime Minister David Cameron (official statement)
United States “President Obama welcomes United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s  announcement that he will run for a second term, and the United States supports his candidacy.” – White House statement, June 6 (official statement)


Other Member States
Argentina “El Canciller argentino reiteró a Ban Ki-moon el apoyo de nuestro país a su reelección…” (official statement)
Chile “El Gobierno de Chile ha decidido otorgar el apoyo a la postulación del Secretario General de Naciones Unidas, Ban Ki-Moon, por un segundo período en dicho cargo.” (official statement)
Denmark “…Denmark fully supports Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for a second term.” (official statement)
Italy “…it is my own personal and the Italian government’s hope that Ban Ki Moon will be given a second mandate as Secretary General of a United Nations.” (official link)
Japan “We very much appreciate the job he has done in the past five years dealing with problems around the world and we hope that he will continue to take on this grave responsibility in the international community,” Japan’s top government spokesperson added. (media link)
Kuwait “UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has expressed his appreciation of Kuwait’s support, within its Asian group, for re-electing him for a second term as the UN’s head, according to a statement issued by the Kuwaiti Embassy in Brazil on Saturday.” (media link)
Kenya “As you seek the General Assembly’s concurrence for a second term, let me assure you of my country’s support for your candidature.” – President Mwai Kibaki (official statement)
People’s Republic of Korea “North Korea’s ambassador to the UN, Sin Son-ho, said at an Asian Group meeting Monday, “I support a re-election of Ban, but will not make a public address [expressing the support],” according to ambassadors attending the meeting.” (media link)
Republic of Korea “The Korean government welcomes and supports UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s
announcement of intention to run for a second term.” (official statement)
Nepal “The prime minister´s foreign relations advisor Milan Tuladhar said Nepal will extend support to Ban´s candidacy in line with the decision made by Asian Group at the UN on June 6.  ‘We will go by majority decision of Asian countries,’ said Tuladhar.” (media link)
Norway “I welcome Ban Ki-moon’s announcement today that he will stand for re-election as United Nations Secretary-General.” Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. (official statement)
Slovenia “The President of the Republic of Slovenia is hoping that Ban Ki-moon will be awarded a second term as UN Secretary-General without complications.”  (official statement)
Tanzania “In light of these outstanding accomplishments, I am happy to announce Tanzania’s unreserved support for his bid for a second term,” – President Jakaya Kikwete (media link)


Have other states endorsed Ban Ki-moon’s bid for a second term? Send links to official statements or media report to the editor.

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