Final slate of ICC judicial candidates

On 5 September 2011, the president of the Assembly of States Parties, Ambassador Christian Wenaweser, extended the deadline for member states to nominate candidates for the six pending vacant judicial positions on the ICC bench. These six judges will be elected by the Assembly at its meeting in December.

Nominee Eduardo Cifuentes Muñoz (Colombia)Photo courtesy: El Confidencial

This extension, until 16 September, allowed states parties to fulfill all the necessary requirements for the elections to proceed. As of the extended deadline, nominees which met these requirements had been submitted for consideration.

Minimum Requirements Met

Expertise List requirement
The minimum voting requirements (MVR) for candidates with a background in criminal law and procedure (List A) were 3, the minimum nomination requirements (MNR) were 3, and a total of 16 candidates had been nominated as of 16 September 2011.  There were no MVRs or MNRs for candidates with expertise in international law (List B), but 3 candidates had been nominated by the extended deadline.

Regional criteria
In my previous post, I highlighted that candidates from Latin America and the Caribbean was the only MNR still unfulfilled. Three 3 candidates had been nominated, 1 short of the required four. During the extended nomination period, two additional nominations were put forward, thereby fulfilling and surpassing the MNR. There are now 5 candidates nominated from that region.

Gender criteria
There was no MVR for female candidates as eight of the remaining judges will be women. The necessary nominations for male nominees was four, with at least two needing to be elected in December. With 17 male nominees, the gender related MVRs were easily met.

Final Slate

With the fulfillment of each of the required minimum nomination requirements and the close of nominations on 16 September, the list of nominees for the six ICC judgeships is as follows:

Nominee Region List Gender
Rosolu John BANKOLE THOMPSON Africa (Sierra Leone) A male.
Ajmi BEL HAJ HAMOUDA Africa (Tunisia) A male.
Vinod BOOLELL Africa (Mauritius) A male.
Modeste-Martineau BRIA Africa (CAR) A male.
Anthony Thomas Aquinas CARMONA GRULAC (Trinidad and Tobago) A male
Bruno CATHALA WEOG (France) A male
Eduardo CIFUENTES MUÑOZ GRULAC (Colombia) A male
Władysław CZAPLIŃSKI Eastern Europe (Poland) B male
Miriam DEFENSOR-SANTIAGO Asia (Philippines) B female
Robert FREMR Eastern Europe (Czech Republic) A male
Olga Venecia HERRERA CARBUCCIA GRULAC (Dominican Republic) A female
Gberdao Gustave KAM Africa (Burkina Faso) A male.
Javier LAYNEZ POTISEK GRULAC (Mexico) A male
Antoine Kesia-Mbe MINDUA Africa (DRC) A male.
Howard MORRISON WEOG (United Kingdom) A male
Hamani Mounkaila NOUHOU Africa (Niger) A male.
Chile OBOE-OSUJI Africa (Nigeria) A male.
George A. SERGHIDES Asia (Cyprus) A male
Jorge Antonio URBINA ORTEGA GRULAC (Costa Rica) B male


May the most qualified candidates win!

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