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Dr. Radoslav Denayov is a former nuclear physicist turned-diplomat & international civil servant who has retired from his extensive career assignments in London, Geneva, New York, The Hague and Vienna, including his 15-year work in two international organizations (OPCW & CTBTO) of the UN system. He has a Ph.D in History and Political Science from the Institute for Balkan Studies. He is currently an independent consultant (RAD Consulting) in international affairs & diplomacy, results-based planning and management, quality control, staff management & training.

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  • Regional Chairs, September 2019
    African States
    His Excellency Adonia Ayebare

    Asia-Pacific States
    Viet Nam
    His Excellency Dang Dinh Quy

    Eastern European States
    Her Excellency Darja Bavdaž Kuret

    Latin American and Caribbean States
    Mr. Omar Castañeda Solares (Chargé d’affaires)

    Western European and other States
    Her Excellency Gillian Bird