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  • The East European group is meeting this morning to discuss candidatures. The group does not have an open seat on the Security Council this year, but there is likely to be discussion on which government will seeks seats on ECOSOC and the Peacebuilding Commission.
  • A gambler’s guide to Security Council elections gives the two WEOG seats to Germany (90% chance) and Canada (60%), leaving Portugal (40%) out for another biennium. But, reader beware – it’s written by a Canadian.
  • In an address to the G77+China Ministerial Meeting, Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon stressed the importance of the G77 in “reaffirming the role of the United Nations in global governance,” noting that the “legitimacy and global presence of the United Nations…can ensure that the smallest and least powerful nations retain a voice in international rules and decisions.”
  • Along with calls by many for additional seats for African on the Security Council – permanent and non-permanent – Bulgaria re-iterates the Eastern European Group’s desire for an additional non-permanent seat as well.  The draft text released in May included it, but did it survive this summer’s intergovernmental negotiations?

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