Roundup on Security Council election

  • Germany to use its UN Security Council seat to make case for reform (Deutsche-Welle)
    “”Germany will work hard during its term to push ahead on reforms of the UN Security Council,” [Angela Merkel] said. “That is the expectation that a lot of people in the world have.”
  • Germany and Portugal Win Security Council Seats (New York Times)
    “‘By any standards, the council in 2011 could be the strongest group of U.N. and global stakeholders ever assembled on the council,’ said Security Council Report, a nonprofit organization that tracks the U.N. body’s activities. ‘This could create a unique dynamic,’ it said. ‘However, it is difficult to predict whether this will in fact foster a more proactive and effective Security Council.'”
  • It’s Stephen Harper’s loss (The Globe and Mail)
    “…because of Ignatieff’s elitist global network of cosmopolitans, his tepid critique of Canada’s UN bid swung dozens and dozens of votes. Yes, Ignatieff is far more powerful on the global stage than the Prime Minister of Canada. Sure he is.”
  • Emerging Powers to Challenge Elite Security Council (Global Geopolitics & Political Economy/IPS)
    “Speaking on condition of anonymity, a diplomat from a developing country told IPS it will be a “test” of the Council’s effectiveness – whether the presence of potential permanent members makes a real difference to the work of the Council.”
  • Major players up for seats on UN council (The National)
    “Were Germany and Canada to secure seats, the 2011 Security Council would include rising economic powerhouses from Africa, Asia and South America as well as 10 members of the G20.”
  • Seat Beckons (The Telegraph)
    “If [India’s] election was part of a plan and therefore somewhat predictable, what was unexpected was the landslide vote in India’s favour. This is the outcome of the excellent groundwork by Indian diplomats to secure this level of support. Pakistan’s vote for India is testimony to the reduction in the trust deficit that spurred the prime minister to insist on a continuing dialogue between India and Pakistan.
  • Australia’s Security Council hopes boosted (ABC News)
    Australia’s chances of securing one of the rotating seats on the United Nations Security Council are thought to have improved after Canada missed out on one of this year’s places.
  • Canada denied seat on UN Security Council (Yahoo! News)
    “The developments became something of a social media phenomenon on Tuesday. ‘Security Council’ became the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter in Canada for part of the day, and even federal government employees expressed a belief that Canada didn’t deserve the spot. ‘Reason triumphed,’ one wrote on a Facebook page.”
  • UAE disappointed with Canadian actions (
    “‘This deliberate leak with misinformation reminds us of the policies of fear tactics of the Neo Cons of not so distant past,’ a UAE official source said… The official added the Canadian minister’s aircraft was well aware and long in advance that the MOU on landing rights had expired.”
  • Why Is the U.S. Snubbing Another Ally It So Desperately Needs at the U.N.? (Fox News)
    “U.S. State Department insiders say that U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice not only didn’t campaign for Canada’s election but instructed American diplomats to not get involved in the weeks leading up to the heated contest. With no public American support, Canada lost its bid to serve.”
  • Insecurity Council (Foreign Policy)
    “Relative to other countries, temporary members of the Security Council see economic growth drop 3.5 percent and score 2 percent lower on the widely used Polity ranking, which measures levels of democracy. They also see press restrictions increase 3.1 points on Freedom House’s 100-point scale.”
  • Sub-Saharan Africa’s big two on Security Council for first time (UN Radio)
    “Nigeria is a major troop contributor, it has played major roles in terms of mediation, conflict prevention, etc, the whole spectrum. And it’s similar with the case of South Africa. And these (are) major voices too on the continent. So there is that very real potential that these two countries could effect certain changes.”
  • Canada loses prestige UN spot despite written guarantees from voting nations (PostMedia News)
    “Canada’s historic loss in its bid to win election Tuesday to the United Nations Security Council came despite written promises of support from 135 countries…”
  • A new balance of power at the UN? (The Chronicle)
    “But with some of the world’s most important emerging economies winning seats on a council that already includes Brazil…and Nigeria,…how will the latest members seek to use their new international influence?”

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