Update on ICC Elections: Extension of Deadline

The President of the Assembly of States Parties of the ICC, Christian Wenaweser informed the States Parties that the deadline to nominate candidates for the ICC judicial elections has been extended to 16 September 2011.

Amb. Wenaweser. Photo courtesy: Europe Courier.

As of 2 September, the original deadline for the nomination of candidates, the status of nominations for the ICC judicial elections to take place in December 2011 was the following:

List requirement

List A: The minimum voting requirements (MVR) were 3, the minimum nomination requirements (MNR) were 3 and the nominations as of 9 September 2011, 15.
List B: MVR 0, MNR 0 and 2 were nominated as of 9 September 2011.

Regional criteria
Africa, Asia and Western Europe and other States fullfilled the MVRs. 8 candidates were nominated by the African group, 2 by the Asian group and 2 by the Western European States. Eastern European States nominated 2 candidates and fullfilled the MNR. Latin America and Caribbean was the only regional group that did not fulfill the MNR- as it nominated 3 candidates, while the MNR was 4.

Gender criteria

1 female candidate was nominated- therefore the MVR was fulfilled. 16 male candidates were nominated, while the MNR was 4 and the MVR 2.

Therefore not all minimum requirements for the nomination of judges have been met.

Current Nominations by Region

African States:
1. Bankole Thompson, Rosolu John (Sierra Leone)
2. Bel Haj Hamouda, Ajmi (Tunisia)
3. Boolell, Vinod (Mauritius)
4. Bria, Modeste-Martineau (Central African Republic)
5. Oboe-Osuji, Chile (Nigeria)
6. Kam, Gberdao Gustave (Burkina Faso)
7. Mindua, Antoine Kesia-Mbe (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
8. Nouhou, Hamani Mounkaila (Niger)

Asian States:
1. Defensor-Santiago, Miriam (Philippines)
2. Serghides, George A.(Cyprus)

Eastern European States:
1.Czapliński, Władysław (Poland)
2. Fremr, Robert (Czech Republic)

Latin American and Caribbean States:
1.Carmona, Anthony Thomas Aquinas (Trinidad and Tobago)
2.Cifuentes Muñoz, Eduardo (Colombia)
3. Laynez Potisek, Javier (Mexico)

Western European and other States:
1. Cathala, Bruno (France)
2. Morrison, Howard (United Kingdom)

The only Minimum Voting Requirement (MVR) that has not been met is the Regional Criteria for Latin American States: only 3 nominations have been submitted to the Assembly while 4 are required.

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Mariana Rodriguez Pareja is a communications expert and a human rights advocate, with a special interest in international affairs and gender Issues. She served as a media strategist for the Coalition for the International Criminal Court and in the office of the ICC's President. She is current a human rights lawyer attached to the permanent mission of Argentina to the United Nations.

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