Portugal supports Canadian UNSC bid…

… as long as Portugal gets the second seat.

Joao Gomes Cravinho, Portugal’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, said he wants Germany to be left out in the cold because the German government was tardy about declaring its candidacy.

By seeking a seat on the 15-member council after Canada and Portugal had declared their candidacies, Germany prevented a “clean slate” from being presented for the two slots reserved for Western democracies for the 2011-12 two-year term.

This suggests that Portugal feels that Canada is making a stronger bid for the remaining seat should Germany get sufficient support on the first ballot as expected, and thus is attempting to bolster – or introduce – a split among European governments within WEOG in an effort to weaken Germany’s chances.

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One thought on “Portugal supports Canadian UNSC bid…

  1. Good Canada is left standing . This will show Harper how bad his foreign policies have been.

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